It's Cold Outside - Why Silk is the Best Winter Warmer

‘Tis the season! The winter markets are up and running, the joyful Liberty display is casting its bewitching festive spell across London and the delicious mulled wine is flowing, facilitating the making of merry. What’s more, the weather has turned icy cold – even in the city.

Whilst wandering around Columbia Road Flower Market last Sunday, I felt woefully unprepared for the semi-Baltic weather conditions. I found that whilst the jazzy knit I had under my coat was quite enjoyable in it’s stripy splendour, it was doing little to keep me warm. I was also beginning to experience the chilly consequences of having forgotten my usual large silk scarf – this got me wondering, why is silk is such a great winter warmer?

Fashion-wise, silk is more associated with spring / summer because of it’s elegance and breathability, but it’s also an excellent choice for autumn / winter wear. Why? Well in short, silk is made up of protein fibres, which will keep moisture out and warmth in. It also has heat regulating qualities, so remains breathable in the warmth of the indoors, yet keeps you toasty and insulated when you venture outside.

Investing in pure silk pieces means you have a trans-seasonal item, which, if properly cared for, will last you a life-time. And it will do more than just look beautiful – it will feel beautiful too. So, while a silk top, dress or scarf may look lightweight, adding a layer of pure silk to your seasonal outfit could be the key to remaining cosy. Because, well, science!

My seasonal recommendation? Mix & match one of my printed silk garments and scarves with super cosy basics in natural fibres to create your own unique and wintery look.